I’ve had s@x with 15 men and they all failed to

please me, men don’t know how to rave

Dear Tete Lisa,

I have had S@x with 15 guys, and all of them have failed to s@Xually

satisfy me. I absolutely love s@x, I have only recently have been

introduced to the world of se.x. The feeling of penetration is a

feeling like no other but to be honest an orga.sm is way more

addictive. Just like all other women, I do enjoy se.x but I usually

have more se.x with myself (masturbation) than with men because we

women are more attentive and can give myself an orga.sm.

Most men are very selfish when having se.x, they like and expect

foreplay but many times forget about the women except an odd grope

on their boobs.

I have had se.x numerous times with different men, about 15 in total

and none of them have even slightly pleased me while I also have

multiple orgasms a week (squirting too).

I mastu.rbate about 3-4 times a week and have on average 2

squirting orgasms in a week!

Now I feel like having se.x with men is useless and pointless. Maybe

it’s because we (women) are better at it ourselves and don’t have to

deal with the sticky mess of sperm and condoms…

Having said all this aunty, my request is, could I be wrong or not?

What should I do to get a man who will make me enjoy se.x the way I

do when I fu.ck myself with a se.x toy?

  • Tendai