Just as we all thought that Amai (Grace Mugabe)
was going to do the logical thing and take a
neutral political stance in ZANU PF’s fractious
situation, and shame the divisive elements within
the party, she has the most grotesque surprise in
store for us.
She goes gullivanting across the length and
breath of the country, ranting and raving about
some people’s alleged disloyalty towards her
One would have thought that is was the onus of
the party leader injured by the so called
disloyalty to say it out himself. But alas, there
goes our lady, spitting a bitter concoction of
threats, vitriol and caustic diatribes at
adversaries, real and or imagined; taking the
opportunity at every turn to cast aspersions at
shadows without let or hinderance.
I looked at the TV clip yaAmai yeku Chinhoyi,
Bulawayo and Mutare, and also attended her rally
in Masvingo. The common denominator of all her
so-called “thank the people rallies” is
kungopopotera vanhu vakuru veZANU PF – as if
nyika ino yakavaresvera ivo nemhuri yavo.
She forgets that all of us have supported her
husband for the past 37 years since 1977 when he
was appointed or selected to be the President of
the Party, on the basis of respect for seniority
in the Party. (The same yardstick which VaMutasa
is propagating for today in the Party’s election
and selection of leaders.)
For 37 long years the broad spectrum of ZANU PF
members have shown President Mugabe
individualized and undivided support. For 37 years
they have shown resolute and absolute loyalty;
indeed in 37 years we have known no other leader
other than her husband.
The generality of ZANU PF was solidly behind his
programmes, political experiments, intimations,
fears, anxieties and sided with him in any
internal and external political battles for which
he called for national support and comfort. She
forgets that appreciative reciprocation is good
leadership; to equally support those of your own
who previously supported you as well.
Indeed a good leader is one who equally submits
himself to the leadership of other people. Instead
of all these rantings, Amai and her family should
then know that it’s now time to reciprocate,
showing one’s corresponding obligation to
support the other in order to allow Zimbabwe to
move forward.
But honestly I am yet to know the sources of so
much hatred, bitterness and frustration in her. I
am yet to know what grievious mistakes or
wrongs we have committed to the first family to
deserve such open ridicule.
I felt so pitiful and so sorry for the largely
revolutionary leadership of Masvingo when after
innocently mobilizing so many supporters to
attend Amai’s rally, using their own personal
resources, they only got such chiding and were
labeled traitors, “vatengesi”, “vapanduki”, in
front of their junior ranks by a novice pseudo
politician who is still to fully comprehend the real
reasons for Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle other
than personal glory.
She insinuated that most of (ZANU PF) leaders,
having been simply hand-picked by her husband,
were therefore indebted to the first family. How
do senior party leaders become so
philanthropically and patronisingly indebted to
one leader in a revolutionary party whose
membership is the broad spectrum of the people
and descendency or ascendency is guided by a
constitutional elective process?
How does the relationship between the same
elected dear leader and the other comrades who
elected him into power suddenly become that of
an object and a subject, where the object has
infinite powers and means to act willy nilly on his
passive political subjects?
But on a more serious note, just where does Amai
get the moral high ground from which to attack
her perceived enemies in the party. She imagines
that political leaders appointed to positions in
terms of the part’s constitution must forever be
beholden to her husband as a matter of
patronage. No it’s not like that Amai!
It is a matter of constitutional responsibility
both on the part of the person who appoints and
the person appointed and suggesting otherwise is
either sheer unscholarly ignorance or
condescendence of the sickening type.
In any event, to the best of my knowledge, Amai
does not hold any office in the party, elected or
appointed. She is only waiting to be appointed.
And for sure, she will! But as we speak she is the
proverbial ordinary card carrying member. She
knows too well that she is going to get it all on a
silver platter, just like they say she did with the
degree.Zimbabwe President  Robert Mugabe with his wife Grace Mugabe celebrates his re-election unopposed as the leader of Zanu PF for the next five years during the closing day of the 6th Peoples Congress of Zanu PF in Harare on December 6, 2014. Zimbabwe's ruling party on Saturday wrapped up a key congress once again anointing veteran President Robert Mugabe as party leader and putting his wife Grace on a path to follow him into power. The congress elected his wife 49-year-old Grace to head the party's powerful women's wing, which would put her higher among the contenders to succeed Mugabe. AFP PHOTO/JEKESAI NIJIKIZAMA        (Photo credit should read JEKESAI NJIKIZANA/AFP/Getty Images)