The foll0wing events occurred the y3ar foll0wing my graduation from college, and two y3ars prior to my marriage. At the time, I was pretty certain that I would be marrying Lori my college sweetheart. We had been dating for several y3ars and marriage had been discussed although mostly during s*x. In retrospect, I was probably mor+e certain about it than was Lori.+++++++

Lori and her parents were citizens of my college town that was located a day’s drive from my hometown. During my time there I boarded with several different families. I met Lori s00n after my arrival and we qu!ckly became a steady twosome and fortunately I hit it off nicely with her parents.

Foll0wing my graduation I had found a job within a four-hour drive of Lori. Our affair c0ntinued and I tried to see her every weekend. Her parents were comfortable enough with me to all0w me to bunk with them on my visits.

I did not realize it at the time, but Lori was growing a little distant from me and I later discovered that there was a new student in town who was sl0wly replacing me in her affection. But when we were alone together, she was as deeply into the s*x as she had ever been.

I normally called her Thursday night if I was going to be able to get d0wn to see her. But on this occasion I did not discover until Friday aftern00n that I would be free to go. I called but there was no answer at Lori’s apartment.

I was h0rny so I t00k a chance and left to see her on Friday aftern00n. It was almost 8 pm when I got to her apartment. There was no answer to my kn0ck, so after a few discouraging minutes I turned to leave.

There were two apartments on this fl00r, separated by a long hallway accessed by an outside stairway. Lori and I had spent many hours in that hallway making out and did everything there except get it on. When our affair finally evolved to screwing, we had to find other places but the hallway had been ground zero. Just as I turned to leave, the d00r across the hall op3ned and Muriel, the neighbor appeared and said, “Oh Jim, they have all left for the weekend, didn’t they tell you?”

Muriel was a thin gaunt quiet woman about 40 y3ars old. She was married to a traveling salesmen who left her alone for long periods of time. In all the y3ars that I had been visiting this apartment I had never met her husband. Lori and her parents c0nsidered her a kind and thoughtful neighbor and we had met several times on those occasions that they had invited her for a meal or party. Muriel had always been very pleasant to me over the y3ars. She was always upbeat despite leading a very lonely life……………….Full story on the Next page Simply Go Below This Page CLICK>>>2

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