I have a smell but it doesn’t stinks or nothing it just isn’t a smell I want down there. I want my boyfriend to perform oral sex on me but I am scared of what he would say and do. When he does I want him to like it and not smell a smell down there thats you know not fresh but fresh. I wash everyday and it goes away for the time being but when I take a bath its there again. What should I do?


try to make it smell better. Really try. Hard. Try cleaning better. Maybe try dietary things like cutting out sugar/carbs, which will reduce the amount of nasty bacteria and yeast in your body. Maybe try to increase good bacteria by eating real yoghurt, real, raw fermented foods like sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, kimchee, natto, etc. Maybe try taking grapefruit seed oil to kill off bad organisms living inside you. See what works for you. Maybe keep a log of what you eat, what supplements you take and the effect it has on the smell of your vagina. I wish you luck, but I’d also like to say that I really hope you try really hard to make your vagina smell better. Vagina’s are so great that most people will still make love to them if they smell, but it is a big letdown when they do smell. A vagina that doesn’t smell is so delicious. When pants come off and smell wafts out, it is not delicious. Having the option of going down on your girl often is a great benefit. Please, try hard.89104_01big