The events in this true tale took place during the years I spent working at the massage parlor but, since they don’t have anything to do with the massage parlor, . I decided I wanted to have a child and told my husband John that, if we had one, I would quit my job at the massage parlor.

John was initially disappointed because he thought the things I did at the massage parlor were hot. He enjoys having a hot wife. However, he loves children too and it wasn’t long before I convinced him we should make a baby. I told him I would stop taking the pill and would stop having extra-marital sex so he could be sure the baby was his. I have never had sex without his knowledge and approval. He trusts me.

John had one final concern about our plan. He said, “You’re never able to have an orgasm when we make love. If you don’t have sex with other men, you won’t ever have any orgasms. That’s too much to ask of you. You could always have your lover wear a rubber when he fucks you.”

“Oh John,” I cried, “that’s so wrong and silly on so many counts. First of all I hate feeling a rubber inside me. And just because you can’t make me cum by fucking me, doesn’t mean I can’t have an orgasm. I was reading in Planned Parenthood recently that their statistics show as many as 1 in 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm when having any sort of sex and that as many as 80 percent of women have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. All it takes is for the woman’s lover to be skilled at oral sex. The clitoris is the key to orgasms. Lorraine tells me you have learned superb oral skills lately so as long as you’re willing to go down on me and do a good job of it, there’s no problem.”……………Get Full Story On The Next Page Go Below CLICK>>>2