Help! I Feel So Terrible, My Boyfriend  he cant give me enough S*X l Wants S*X Every 30 minutes

A woman whose boyfriend’s demand for s*x every 30 minutes is about going ‘mad’ as she can no longer cope with his high s*x drive and needs urgent advice.


A girl has cried out for help as her boyfriend’s demand for s*x is making her go crazy.


I know it’s normal for lads to be obsessed with s*x at 17, but it’s causing problems for me and my boyfriend. We both agree s*x is important in a relationship but he seems to think so far more than me. He thinks it’s absolutely essential all the time. I can’t keep up. I don’t want s*x all the time.

I wasn’t a virgin when we got together but he was, and we had s*x (which was his first time) after being together for just a few days and we’ve had a LOT of s*x since (Almost every time we’ve seen each other), and except once or twice, it’s him who’s sort of started it first or asked. He craves it more than twice a day. He expects to have it 3-4 times a night. He gets extremely $exually frustrated very easily and it makes him moody as hell. I get depression a lot, badly. And when all I want is just to disappear and not exist, s*x isn’t the top of my priorities.

He’s such a good boyfriend and hwe’s always stuck by me even with all the sh*t I put him through and is understanding but he can’t even rest or sleep properly if he hasn’t had s*x. He was here earlier and I’ve been depressed again today so I really haven’t wanted s*x at all, I have no desire for it even in the slightest, and he was really restless even though he was tired and looked really disappointed and upset. It frustrates both of us.

He loves me, a lot. Almost too much. And he’s not selfish and WILL put me first and has said he wants me more than anything in the world and that includes s*x. But I know he’s really struggling because I don’t want it right now. I could easily go weeks.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy or ever want s*x, I do. My s*x drive can get extremely high sometimes and I go through phases when I want it all the time. But then other times it just won’t interest me at all. It probably doesn’t help I’m on the pill because one of the side effects is low s*x drive.

Not sure how to solve this. I feel like a failure of a girlfriend.

Advice is greatly appreciated