SHE had innocently swept the yard clean, but it now appears she had disturbed something evil with her broom.

Ever since that day some months ago, Akhona Nofatyile (23) from Lujecweni Village in Libode near Mthatha fears falling asleep because whenever she does, she said a short hairy tokoloshe appears and pokes her without using a condom!

Akhona poured her heart out to the SunTeam but was shy to be photographed, saying she felt too embarrassed.

She said the trouble started a few months ago after she had swept her home and yard. That same night she had a bad dream in which she found herself in a boxing ring, fighting the short, hairy man.

When he finally defeated her, the hairy old man started having unprotected sex with her.

Akhona said it only became worse until last month when the dream came to life and the tokoloshe visited her at midnight, demanding sex.

When she refuses, the tokoloshe whispers “I love you” … and she passes out!

Akhona said she visited a sangoma who gave her muthi that would chase the short man away, but it only worked for a few days, and the tokoloshe returned stronger than ever before.

“My only sin was cleaning the yard. This tokoloshe says he wants his house that I swept away or else I have to service him.

“I’m stuck. The muthi the sangoma gave me is not helping. I have visited many churches and traditional healers but it had been in vain.

“I attempted committing suicide but failed. I even moved out of my parents’ house but this thing follows me wherever I go.”

Akhona fears the short, hairy beast will impregnate her at some point