Gweru nurse nude pics, sex tapes lands into
hubby’s hands


GWERU – Kudakwashe Nyama Muboko from Ascot
in Gweru got the shock of his life when he went
through his wife’s phone and stumbled into her
sex tapes with other men.
The wife is a nurse at a private hospital in the
He also realised that his wife Shamiso Murira was
dating three men and there were also a lot of her
nude pictures with the men.
Muboko downloaded the pornographic material
into his phone and called a Press conference to
expose his wife.
However, Murira reported her husband to court
for exposing her nude pictures. She insisted to
the court that she was innocent as she did not
date other men.
Murira however, got the shock of her life when
Magistrate Tendai Madanhire acquitted the
husband for any wrong doing after full trial. The
Magistrate acquitted Muboko on Thursday last
week after the accused managed to produce
evidence in court including nude pictures and
other tapes to prove that his wife was cheating.
Murira did not realise that her husband had
downloaded her pornographic material and the
evidence was going to be used against her in
court. The court heard that the accused and
complainant had a strained marriage ever since
the husband heard and was suspecting that his
wife was cheating on him.
Murira used to be a nurse at Midlands Private
Hospital in Gweru. Circumstances are that on an
unknown date the complainant went to take a
shower when her hubby took her phone and found
chats between her and her boyfriends where they
exchanged nude pictures and sex tapes.
The accused person transferred the obscenities
from his wife’s phone to his.
The Mirror is reliably informed that Murira has
since been dismissed by the hospital that she
worked for on allegations that she was using the
institiution’s wifi to send pornographic material
to her boyfriends.
It is the husband who allegedly tipped the
hospital about the abuse of its wifi and insisted
on her dismissal.local news