Gumbura’s financial
troubles mount

It never rains, but pours for jailed RMG
Independent End Time Message leader Robert
Martin Gumbura who is being sued over unpaid
school fees for his several children to the tune
of $100 000.
Convicted rapist Robert Martin Gumbura seen
here with his lawyer during an inspection in loco
at his home with prison officers
While languishing in prison over rape, Gumbura
has been slapped with a $74 000 lawsuit over an
unpaid debt to Idem Trading Private Limited.
Gumbura is serving a 40-year prison term for
raping three congregants and illegally possessing
pornographic material. He was convicted of four
counts of rape involving three women and
possessing pornographic material.
VMG Zvinavashe Trust, which operates a private
primary and high school in Tynwald, last week
issued summons at the High Court claiming
outstanding school fees for the prisoner’s
several children.
The incarcerated polygamist’s several children
attended school at an institution run by VMG
Zvinavashe Trust over the years, but they have
not been paying.
In a claim filed at the High Court recently, VMG
Zvinavashe Trust wants the jailed polygamist
pay an outstanding amount of $49 404 for his
children in high school and $50 459 for the
children in primary school.
The Trust also wants Gumbura to pay interest
calculated at an agreed rate of 10 percent per
annum from the date of issuance of summons to
the date of payment in full. VMG Zvinavashe
Trust seeks an order compelling Gumbura to pay
costs of the suit on a higher scale.
According to the plaintiff’s declaration,
Gumbura entered an agreement with the Trust
for the provision of education to the children for
a fee. In terms of the said agreement, Gumbura
was required to pay tuition fees for the children
at the beginning of each school term.
“In breach of the said agreement, defendant
(Gumbura) has failed, refused and or neglected
to pay the agreed school fees since 2013.
“As a result, the plaintiff was impoverished by
$99 863,90 being arrears in school fees plus
interest owed by the defendant to the
plaintiff,” reads the declaration.
Gumbura is yet to respond to the summons.
Meanwhile, Idem Trading (Private) Limited,
trading as Eurotex has filed a separate claim
against Gumbura of $74 700 plus interest.
According to the summons, Gumbura held a credit
account with Eurotex where he would buy
household furniture and other goods for his
It is stated in the papers that Gumbura bought
kitchenware, lounge and dinning suites, fish
tanks, gym bikes, quad bikes, snooker table,
electric generator and office furniture worth
$74 700.
Gumbura allegedly defaulted payment in October
Despite spirited assurances by Gumbura and his
wives on various occasions, Eurotex has failed to
recover the money.
The company was left with no other option, but
to turn to the High Court for recourse.
When the summons was served at Gumbura’s
Marlborough house in Harare, his wives refused
to accept service referring the agent to
Chikurubi. They wrote to the court stating their
“The writers are mature female adults who are
not party to any of the alleged contracts and
attending obligations between the stated parties
in the summons and may not be cited as
respondents in the matter in the light of the
above facts.
“The writers are acquainted with and are known
to the defendant whose current address of
service, for purposes of litigation and suit, is
Chikurubi Maximum Prison, situated off Arcturus
“Writers do request and pray that all
communications to defendant be directed to him
at the address stated above or where plaintiff’s
claims may be understood or known,” reads part
of the letter to the High Court.