The nation is bleeding to death. Almost 5 million Zimbabweans need food aid. There is no adequate medicine in hospitals and people are dying. It is estimated that 1 million children go to school hungry. They are failing to pay civil servants. They are even failing to pay the police personnel.

With all that and more in mind this useless pseudo government of ours prioritizes the purchase of police vehicles? What do those guys smoke really?

Other than the fact that this is certainly a production of their intoxicated brains, it is also a manifestation of their fear. The tables have turned.

The people have boldly declared that we are no longer afraid. #Hatichatya. Guess who is now afraid? Mugabe and his minions are now afraid.

But how does one become afraid of the people he purportedly leads?

It’s an undeniable fact that Mugabe has used the police and security agents in general to entrench his misrule. They are the custodians of his oppression and this senseless purchase of police vehicles must be viewed through those lenses. It’s a reaction to people’s anger.

That being said, the bottomline is that Zimbabweans are fed up. They are sick and tired of Mugabe’s misrule. They can buy as many police cars as they want, that will not fix the problems bedevilling Zimbabwe. For as long as the problems are not fixed, it’s game on. We want our country back.

Hatichatya ivo ndivo vakutya.


Dr. Patson Dzamara