Lust finds a way

I am never much of a writer, apologies for what you are about to read.

Beth and Roger had been married for twelve years now. Beth is 35 years old while Roger is 36. They have two sons, the oldest is Rob, 12 years old and the youngest is Jojo, 6 years old. They live in the capital city of a South East Asian Country where they rent a two bedroom apartment. Life in the city is hard and Roger’s salary as a machine operator in a canning company could barely fit their daily financial needs. To help Roger, Beth try the buy and sell business, first she tries beauty products such as cosmetics, she also sell slimming tea and other Chinese herbal products but the money was still not enough.

Her daily routine includes getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning to cook foods and prepare the boys for school. Afterward, she take a bath, then she eat breakfast and go out to visit her regular customers to deliver their orders or try to get new orders from them. After lunch she would be out looking for new customers again. She would spend her afternoon in malls and saloons looking for tips and rumors for new customers or visits her supplier to learn more of new products or buy some for her buyer.

Then one day she was approached by Gina, a working mom like her. Gina has a three year old girl from a failed married with a foreigner she met abroad. Gina use to work abroad as an entertainer and when she got pregnant her boyfriend left her. She return home and start a small business selling electronics equipment. She get her supply from an African trader at a much cheaper price. Gina was looking for some slimming herbal tea for her customer and would usually get her supply from Beth.They have known each other for months and had become friends. Rather than becoming a middle man, Beth introduce Gina to her supplier of Slimming Products. Gina in return promise to introduce Beth to her supplier if she wants to sell electronics equipment such as cellphones, tablets, etc. Seeing the opportunity of a better profit Beth easily agrees, she can send her boys to a better school and she would have enough money to buy some items for herself and Roger…….continue reading this story on the next page,go below click>>>2