Durban – There was drama at Amanzimtoti High School in Durban last week on Friday after a Biology teacher (name with-held) ended up having se_x with his female student in front of the whole class as a practical deomonstration of how the pe_nis ere_cts and eventually enter the female’s vagi_na as per reproduction topic.

The naughty teacher who has since been arrested for having se_x with a student,claimed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his controversial act since it was part of educating the victim and other on looking students who were part of the incident as learners.

”Theory must always be accompanied by practical lessons if you really want these kids to learn and understand fast. There are practical lessons in Agriculture,Metal Work,Wood Work etcetera what is really wrong with practicing practical lessons in my own field ?Why all this hate ?”, fumed the teacher before he was taken by the police.

To add more petrol to fire there was another female student who felt this was more like abuse than a lesson who took out her phone and recorded the video which later circulated and led to the teacher’s arrest.

Education sector informed the responsible authorities that they will make sure that appropriate measures would be taken against the offending party and currently the teacher is said to be under suspension. A replacement teacher was availed to the students to make sure they are up to date with their curriculum.