Drama in Eagle Liner Bus as Driver plays vhidhiyo yesviro after being tricked by Disc vendors

Passengers on an Eagle Liner Bus were left in disbelief after the driver played a po_rn movie for their entertainment.As soon as the video started playing there was an outcry from the 55 passengers on board who were complaining on what they were seeing.

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The driver oblivious to what he had done,had to be told by the conductor that he was playing a po_rn movie.He then immediately stopped the video and apologised to the angry passengers who were baying for his blood.

According to the driver’s account,he had bought the disc from Vendors who had packaged it as Jah Prayzah’s new album ‘Mudhara Vachauya.’

“Driver akatengeserwa nema shoe man achinzi ndiJah Prayzah munyowani,he did not know that the disc held more sinister material” said Silas,one of the Passengers.

“Machembere atanga kupopota zvisingaite vachiti Driver unoshura here iwe,with some of the younger passengers giggling uncontrollably and cheering on the driver saying Mudhara hamuite,” he added