Urban Grooves singer Enock Nox Guni’s


nu_des have again found their way to social

media.The nu_des, which have since gone

viral are alleged to be as a result of a

relationship gone sour between him and his

said girlfriend, identified as Amai Gamu also

known as Amai Guru.

Sometime between August and September this

year the singer’s nu_des went viral on social


The pictures made their way to social media

after Nox was pictured with his alleged

girlfriend, who posted a picture of herself in

Nox’s arms.

She captioned the picture Tinongoti


It was claimed that a Facebook character

identified as Leanne Ru was responsible for

leaking Nox’s nu_des, perhaps out of spite.

She responded to the post by Amai Guru by

posting a nu_de picture of Nox, captioning it

Unodada Nehure Unonyadzisa (How can you

brag about a prostitute, you’re


The first picture was taken in what looks like

a hotel room while Nox was coming from the

bathroom . . . na_ked.

This time around perhaps out of vengeance a

picture of him sleeping in his birthday suit

has surfaced and has made its way to social


Nox is pictured lying out cold in bed,

supposedly in a hotel or lodge with his legs

spread wide and his endowment in full view of

the camera.