It is quite unfortunate that l have to send
this letter to you through a public forum sir.
It is not my real intention to do so but
because of your discriminatory tendencies we
may be obliged by circumstances to do so. To
you the Law means Mugabe and Justice to you
means the First Family. The Rod of
Redemption is deeply emersed in the hand of
the politician and the public only holds the
shorter part of the stick.
Since you got sworn-in as RBZ Governor you
have been fighting this one war,that is, the
war of trying to please and satisfy the wishes
of the man who appointed you. You cant see
any wrong with the bond notes because of one
reason. The reason is you want to tap into
the inner most pleasure of Him who appointed
you. Everyone else’s opinion to you is null and
void. Some people demonstrated and got
beaten until they spate the venom of
resistance merely because they wanted you to
stop this fallacy and betrayal. The bond notes
are the Devil’s weapon to chain the people of
Zimbabwe into everlasting poverty.
You may not see this and even Gono failed to
recognise this when he was the Governor. He
thought through the Bearer Cheques people
would one day experience an economic boom
but it turned out to be the worst economic
genocide that this world had ever witnessed.
Gono is a guilty man and he is in mental
imprisonment. The voices of the tormented
souls are screaming in his mind, those who
worked for many years but today have
nothing in form of pension funds.
Mr Mangudya since you started talking about
these Bond Notes, do you know how much
business we have lost? Do you know how much
money has stopped circulating, how much you
have short changed the banking sector,how
much potential revenue has been lost, how
many investors have turned their backs on
this country,how many people are living in
traumatic related conditions because of fear
of those bond notes? Who is going to
compensate us for all these losses. You cant
even see how much harm you have personally
created. You have ruined this economy but
still you are insisting.
Mr Mangudya l am going to sue you..soon
when l get the money through well wishers, l
will sue you for killing our businesses, for
killing our hopes and dreams. You have killed
the economy sir…l will see you in Court one
day and even if Judge Chidyausiku comes back
from retirement and be the judge on this will be in jail one day.