A Zimbabwe Republic Police office’s violent conduct has been exposed after a video showing how she insulted and threatened to beat soldiers at a traffic roadblock.

The unidentified policewoman lost temper and threatened to assault an Airforce off Zimbabwe officer who she alleged had accused her of being a prostitute during a wrangle at a roadblock where the ZRP had stopped a bus which the Airforce of Zimbabwe officers were travelling in.

The furious policewoman spits vulgar on the airman presumably after a misunderstanding.” Pf***ke iwewe wakafiratira swedera apa kana uchida ndikurove, haundiudze iwewe, pfambi ndimai wako.

Pfambi ndimai wako, d*I, pf***e. huya apa ndikukwature,”shouts the furious lady cop.

Wielding a truncheon and ticket book, the policewoman can be seen on the video charging towards the Airforce officer, threatening to beat the lights out of the soldier who appears not to be responding to the charging police officer. Swedera padhuze ndikupedzere, ndokurova ukada kundijairira, une mota iwewe?” The situation was saved after one policeman who was also manning the roadblock at the unidentified place intervened and calmed down the policewoman and ordered the Air force of Zimbabwe officers to leave.