Buddy walk into Mrs. Coleman’s condo without ringing the bell or knocking on the door. He closed and locked the front door and then he entered the kitchen to find the attractive mature woman sitting at the table with her morning coffee. She looked up at the handsome young man and smiled at him. They had met two weeks earlier at the condo swimming pool. It was the third time that Buddy who lived in the same complex visited her.

Mrs. Laura Coleman was a divorcee of six years now. At the age of 46 years she was still an attractive woman with a nice figure. Her breasts were not large but she was proud of her firm 34B bust. She had a narrow waist of 23 inches and hips of 36 inches. She had a really nice ass that was very sensitive and she loved to have Buddy play with her bottom and even spank her occasionally. She had shoulder length brown hair and matching brown eyes. She stood at 5’5″ tall and weighed a very fit 115 pounds. She was a very creative lover and Buddy enjoyed having sex with her. She loved to act as if she was being seduced for the very first time but indeed it was Buddy who was seduced each time.

Buddy Carson at 24 years old was a good looking young man. He stood at 6’2″ and weighed a muscular 185. His hair was light brown and he had steel blue eyes. He had played varsity sports in college and his body was chiseled. Buddy was experienced with girls as he had had sex with a number of them although he found most of them to be teases and a pain in the ass. The girls he did fuck liked his 7+ inch cock. It wasn’t huge by any means but clearly above average and it turned some of the girls on……………Read Full Story On The Next Page Go Below Click>>>2