City Council gives ZRP Taste of
own medicine
POLICE in Bulawayo were last month given a
taste of their own medicine when council
refused to sanction their planned meeting
demanding a clearance letter.
Latest council minutes reveal that Bulawayo
police were told to seek a clearance letter
before holding a meeting to re-launch their
client service charter at Egodini bus
terminus on August 27.
The police were, among other conditions,
ordered not to make a lot of noise during the
This came about after police wrote to acting
town clerk, Sikhangele Zhou requesting free
use of Egodini bus terminus for the event.
Police have often been accused of imposing
stringent conditions on opposition parties
and civil society groups seeking to hold public
City fathers deliberated on the matter and
allowed the police to hold their function, but
on condition the law enforcement agents met
certain conditions.
“It was resolved to recommend that the
request by the Zimbabwe Republic Police for
permission to launch their client service
charter at Egodini (Hamara) be acceded to
subject to compliance with the following
“The area should be left clean and tidy after
the event, noise levels should be kept
reasonable, there should be no littering at
the site, council should be indemnified
against any accidents/injury, which may
occur during the event and police clearance
should be sought as appropriate,” the
minutes read in part.
According to the police, the client service
charter is necessary to improve relations
between residents and members of the State
security organ.