Jane walked into the house Sunday night after her weekend away.

“Honey I’m home.”

There was no reply. She checked the bedroom and bathroom, backyard and study. Nothing. Only the lounge room light was on; the rest of the house was in darkness. Going back out to the garage she confirmed that Dave’s car was still there. Strange, she thought. Shrugging, she went to fix herself a snack. When there was still no sign of Dave by 10PM, she tried his cell. No answer. Just like Saturday night and this morning she thought.

At midnight she rang the police. They told her that they could do nothing until a person had been missing for one complete night. Despite her exhaustion she found sleep difficult. This was all very un-Dave like behaviour.

She decided not to go to work the next day but killed time until 8AM and rang the police again. The duty operator put her through. She told the story that she’d come home last night, but had been unable to contact her husband since Friday. They promised to send someone around within two hours. Jane rang Dave’s cell several times while she waited.

Just before 10 the doorbell rang and Jane ushered in two uniformed officers. She related all she thought was relevant.

“Madam, there are several common signs we look for in missing persons’ cases that give us an idea whether the person might have chosen to disappear of their own volition or whether foul play is a possibility.”

They then asked where Dave kept his car, wallet, phone, keys and passport.

Jane pointed out Dave’s keys hanging from their hook and took them to the garage to show them his car. They gave it a quick inspection but found nothing of interest. Next Jane opened the safe to show them Dave’s passport, then opened his bedside cabinet. At this point she started to get really worried. There was her husband’s wallet. Where could he go where he wouldn’t need that? The only thing missing was his phone.

Before she could worry further, one of the policemen started asking quick fire questions. The other stood well away just watching…………………..Continue Reading This Story On The Next Page Simply Go Below This Page CLICK>>>2