Can Mugabe Be Stopped
In 2018 By the Confused
Tsvangirai, Mujuru

Mugabe is the most vilified.
Mugabe’s popularity growing.
Mujuru remains the best figure in the
By Dr. Masimba Mavaza| While the opposition
tries to unite, the presidency seems to be
working out various possible scenarios for
staying in power. Sensing the reality that
they will loose elections in 2018, the
opposition has continued to fly rumours of
serious illness and rumours of death in order
to discredit Mugabe in the coming elections.
Mugabe’s popularity is growing and his zeal to
win unstoppable.
Crowds turn out to see the veteran politician
and the leader of Zimbabwe each time he
arrives home after rumours of his death.
Some come to see a dead walking man. Some
come to see the powerful living human.
The president said I have died so many times.
I have resurrected. Those who can not win
elections wish he is dead. The president will
live longer and indeed no one can take him out
through the elections.