The fallout between popular TOP musician Jah Prayzah and former 3rd Generation dancer, Pamela ‘Gonyeti’ Zulu took a dramatic twist last week. Gonyeti, who left Jah Prayzah in August and her lawyers sought a meeting with Jah Prayzah at his offices in Belvedere where sensational claim of se_xual abuse were made on top of demands for ‘outstanding’ fees for studio works among other performances. Yesterday, Jah Prayzah’s lawyer Eddie Hamunakwadi wrote a strongly worded letter to Gonyeti’s lawyer, Simon Mupindu declaring that the musician was ready for any court action to clear his name and will not pay a cent towards the claim.

While there was no immediate response from Gonyeti, H-Metro at the weekend gathered that the popular dancer had sought help from a former Jah Prayzah manager. It is also claimed that when the parties met for the meeting last Tuesday Gonyeti’s legal representative started by listing what are claimed to be unpaid fees for her work during the recording of Jah Prayzah’s studio works during her stint. She left 3rd Generation on the eve of the Mdara Vachauya launch and there was even talk that she had talked other band members into leaving with her but Gonyeti vehemently denied the claims. Back to last Tuesday’s meeting, it is understood that when Gonyeti’s lawyer finished listing the claims for unpaid fees, he then indicated that those were minor as they was a bigger issue. It is understood that Gonyeti claimed she had to sleep with Jah Prayzah to secure a place in 3rd Generation and then frequently afterwards to retain, a place in the band.