Andy Muridzo dancer fakes
death to claim money

Musician Andy Muridzo’s dancer Isiah Prezha
Manager’ Mudiwa reportedly faked his son’s
death and claimed $50 from his employer.
Prior to Muridzo discovering the truth the
band leader had ordered his outfit to observe
a minute of silence for the said death of
Mudiwa’s three year old death. In an
interview at Jazz 24/7 where Muridzo has a
permanent midweek slot, Prezha Manager
appeared distraught.
“I am still confused about this unexpected
tragedy in my life with my wife Nollen
My six-year-old son Emmanuel Mudiwa passed
on in Rusape on the 7th of September 2016
at Kriste Mambo. My mother in law, Mrs.
Nestalian Chabatabere said my son fell from
the tree and broke his neck. My family had
visited there to help my in-law with tobacco
It’s so confusing because the tree that is
being pointed at cannot be climbed by a child
at such a tender age.
My mother-in-law’s eight year old son
cannot climb that tree so how come my son
managed? Emmanuel was out only child,” said
Prezha Manager.
When H-Metro contacted Mudiwa’s wife, she
dismissed the death rumors.
“He is a liar, there is nothing like that as
the child is alive and kicking.
He is three years old and I actually have the
kid with me in Rusape. Contacted for
comment, Muridzo expressed his dismay over
the rumors.
“It is not good for an artiste to be a liar to
the extent that I gave him $50 to travel to
He said the kid died of diarrhea to me and
now there is a story of falling off tree.
“We will look into that as it affects him, the
fans and the band. When further contacted,
Prezha Manager kept saying hello, hello,”
before his phone hanging up.
Source-H Metro