Ammara Brown in Facebook
spat with fan after sending N@DE PICTURES


Multi-talented Zimbabwean artiste Ammara was
about a week ago involved in a Facebook spat
with a supposed fan over an issue to do with a
Ammara Brown
The spat, which attracted much attention
occurred on 26 September, where the fan, who
happens to be a social media influencer, asked to
take a picture with the songstress.
The request, happened not to sit well with
Ammara, who told the fan Floridah Rumbidzai
Mapeto to attend her show in November if she
wanted a picture, resulted in them exchanging
The post, which attracted comments of many
people has, however, since been removed from
Ammara’s wall, perhaps the two kissed and made
up, as requested by standup comic Q Dube
Siziba posted to his timeline, after tagging both
Ammara and Floridah: “Can Ammara Brown and
Floridah Rumbidzai Mapeto just #Kiss and make
up…. please.
‘No seriously, PLEASE!!!!!!”
The post immediately roused the attention of
fans, who shared mixed feelings over the issue,
with many siding with Floridah.
“…Ammara must go … apologise. Now it’s all
messed up,” wrote one fan.Other fans said
Ammara had such a huge ego, blaming her for
failing to meet such humble requests from fans.
Other fans and perhaps trolls took advantage of
the situation before posting wacky pictures on
Siziba’s post, referencing the situation.
Floridah on the other hand, did poke fun at the
whole situation, as she too posted a comment on
Siziba’s request. “…Ini I still love her hangu
and I’m still a fan… But andichakumbire futi pic
(I won’t ever ask for a picture again),” she
wrote adding laughing emojis to her comment.