Today was Monday and I left work early thinking I was coming down with the flu. I texted my wife to tell her I was going home sick and she replied to take some flu meds. I asked her what meds and where could I find them? She replied Tamiflu and it was in a container of meds in the second drawer under her vanity unit in our bathroom. I just texted back ok and went home.

Upon arriving at home I went into our master bath to look for her meds and found something else instead. I searched the drawer she indicated and found nothing that said Tamiflu. I opened the top drawer and in the back I found the flu meds and also found a foil pack of contraceptive pills. She had already taken the one marked for today. I was totally shell-shocked. She promised me that she had gone off the pill well over two years ago.

We had been trying, without luck, to have a baby for the past two years. My wife just said we were unlucky with our work schedules and sooner or later our timetables would coincide with her fertile period. This past spring, I decided enough was enough and we were both tested. After numerous tests our doctor declared there was nothing wrong with either of us…….Continue Reading this story,on the next page Go Below CLICK>>>>2