‘Mmm, yeah right there..’ She moaned in the dark. ‘Oh, Mister Cane..’ the series of images flashing through her mind would have gotten her a jail sentence in Catholic school terms. Her fantasy was the same every night, as she rubbed herself to climax. Her English teacher Adam Cane was a thirty-something brunette, and the sexiest man she had laid eyes on, in her opinion. He was married with no kids and very professional.

It was his lack of interest in Sofia that made her so wet. She imagined him struggling to stop her from kissing and touching him, but her ultimate success was her favourite part, he would roll his head back in undeniable pleasure and she would get her reward. The 18 year old senior had gone through a thousand scenarios, trying to pick the one that would have the highest possibility of success, and in the last week of school she desperately concocted a plan that might work.

Sofia decided in the morning, after her shower, to forgo underwear, if her plan worked they would only get in the way. She smiled at her lightly make-upped face and looked down to notice the cold had stiffened her nipples underneath her thin white blouse.

Sofia was not a slut by any means, since she became aware of her sexuality she had kept it well hidden from most of the world, masturbating in secret, never talking to any of her friends about her desires and keeping up a straight-A goodie-good façade. The fact that she wanted nothing more than to have her teacher inside her, balls deep was simply a guilty pleasure saved for night time. She had lost her virginity to a friend of her father’s, which Sofia gradually pretended never happened as the relationship would never go anywhere and he never excited her.. Not the way Mr. Cane did.

She threw on her school cardigan and headed for the bus stop, trying to replay in her head what she would say and do once she saw him in last period. The day dragged on and finally lunch time came, Sofia was nervous and thought of backing out at the last minute, but upon seeing the man himself as she walked through the English room door, she knew she needed him badly. Her heart raced when he looked at her unassumingly, the usual feelings stirred under her skirt, heightened by the air cooling her moist pussy lips………………Continue Reading This Story On The Next Page Simply Go Below This Page CLICK>>>2