A GROUP of Tajamuka/Sesijikile activists held a
protest in Bulawayo, using boulders to barricade
the main road leading into the city centre along
Stanley Square in Makokoba.
According to Newsday, the protest, which lasted
about 30 minutes, forced traffic using the route
to divert from the one-way road that leads into
the city centre. They later disappeared into
Makokoba high-density suburb before anti-riot
police arrived. Anti-riot police only found
boulders and burning tyres, but their mere
presence saw onlookers scurrying in all directions
in fear of being caught in the melee.
The youths – singing anti-government songs and
also burning tyres – were wearing Tajamuka/
Sesijikile T-shirts inscribed “Mugabe Must Go”.
The youths also forced the abrupt stoppage of a
food distribution programme to the elderly by
Zanu PF members, which was taking place at
Stanley Hall, as those in charge apparently got
scared of being caught in the protest.
Residents, passers-by and vendors watched from
a distance as the youths went about expressing
their anger against the ruling party.