7 S@x Positions That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Some séx positions not only takes you to the highest level of orgasm, but also enhances the íntimacy between you and your partner. Are you ready to take your love life a few steps higher than it is now? Then you have to check these out.
a black couple in bed
We present to you, seven séx positions that will totally blow your mind and make you fall in love all over again (seriously):

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  1. Enhanced missionary: With faces close and full-body contact, the missionary position is already intimate. But to enhance the emotional intímacy, the man can hold the woman’s bum or move his legs to the outside of hers to more fully envelop her body. And if a couple is so inclined, this position also offers a good approach for anal séx by retaining face-to-face emotional inítmacy.
  2. Spooning: Though there isn’t eye contact with this style, it creates intense emotional connection as the man protectively cradles the woman with his entire body. It’s also a wonderful position for touching, squeezing, rubbing—and even hand-holding, which can be incredibly intimate during séx.
  3. Woman on top: Here, the man lies down with the woman on top, and it can be a vulnerable position for both lovers, which in itself can create emotional intímacy. He must rely on her decisions, while she is bared and exposed for his perusal. This positon is ideal for lots of touching and intimate caresses.
  4. Standing missionary: For this one, turn the missionary position 90 degrees so both people are standing and you’ll find that this full-body-contact séx position has added intensity. Muscles tighten to remain standing and, even with a support behind her, both partners are more physically dependent on each other.
  5. Going slow: The man is sits with legs extended, leaning back on his arms. His woman sits on top facing him, then leans back herself and extends her legs behind him. By necessity, this position requires slow, gentle movements. There is an electric emotional intímacy in not being able to move much, only being able to watch each other.
  6. Crossed legs: This séx position offers stunning emotional intímacy. With the man sitting cross-legged, or in the actual yogic lotus position, and his woman on his lap, arms and legs wrapped around him, the lovers are fully entwined and face to face. The need for slower, sensual movements in this position adds romantic intensity.
  7. Hold me: In this séx position, the man holds the woman as if she’s just jumped into his arms. With her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck, this loving position is conducive to slow movements, passionate kisses and romantic swaying