Curious about her sexual style? Her favorite ice cream flavor and athletic prowess may mean more than you think.

Ever wonder what a girl will be like in bedbefore you’ve slept with her? Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of ways to tell — and no, we’re not talking about whether or not she deep throats her banana for breakfast. According to experts, you can get serious intelabout what your girl will be like between the sheets by looking at everything from the way she kisses to her favorite ice cream flavor. Here are six key factors to consider.

1. She’s got swag in her step. “Confidence is so sexy, and women who exude higher self-esteem in other arenas are likely to carry that confidence into the bedroom,” says sexologist Jessica O’Reilly, Ph. D., author of the forthcoming Hot Sex Tips, Tricks & Licks. But you can almost guarantee she’ll be a rockstar in the bedroom if you help give her a boost. “Compliments can go a long way to put her at ease and encourage her to be an expressive and assertive lover.”

2. She’s partial to cocktails. Is she ordering a pinot noir or a vodka martini? A recent study from Mindset Media found that wine drinkers tend to be unadventurous and less likely to take risks, while vodka drinkers enjoy being in charge and independent. And here’s another not-so-shocking conclusion: tequila drinkers are “free spirited, outgoing and fun to be around.” Those sure sound like positive carnal qualities to us. Bottoms Up!………….READ more on the next page ,go below this page CLICK>>>>2